10 February 2010

Long drinks

I had a couple of friends over the other night. We watched a movie, drank a couple of beers etc. Luckily my friend Akseli prefers long drinks: I had these two wonderful cans on my floor for several weeks, just sitting there empty and waiting for becoming a blog entry...

Being an enthusiastic supporter of the small Finnish brewery Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas I immediately fell in love with the design of Into long drink can, although I usually drink their beer. It has a light blue color which I think is very calm and beautiful and gives the can a soft feeling in a way. Also the green logo is nice and fits very well into the whole. I really like its style, there is nothing too much in it and it reminds me of an empty island. Don't know why.

When we were in Alko with my friend I ran into this vintage-style Gin which was designed for the olympics in Finland in the early 50s. It's very, very nice indeed that they still make it in the same good way as in those days. Interestingly the shape of the can is also a little bit different to the regular cans, a bit wider.

When you look closer at the cans you'll be able to see beautiful logos, too. I like the upper logo of Laitila especially. And on the left there is a sign that says this drink is produced by wind power. Way to go!


  1. Oo hienoa! Vois tuoda internatsunaalin linjan myös tähän kommenttiin:

    Laitilan Into -long drink looks and tastes good. It made me return to the world of long drinks which i had abandoned because of getting bored to the taste. But then I saw that can in the stores and its sky blue color -which is my absolute favourite of all colors- told me to buy it. Luckily I did, because as I already said, it tastes good!

  2. oh i love the look of laitilan drinks too!
    round shapes and retro colours, what could look better!?

  3. Mä pidän tästä blogista ERITTÄIN paljon.

  4. määäki, niin asiallista fiilistelyä-

  5. Laitila on huippu! Myös limut maistuu erinomaisilta :)